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Orlando Auto Wheel Alignment

For wheel alignment we are using Hunter's Hawkeye Elite Aligner which is top of the line equipment.  We can also make major adjustments if the vehicle requires them.

At Sloan's Automotive, we want our Orlando customers to have the opportunity to feel comfortable in their vehicle. You can leave the repairs and services to our professionals, but please don't hesitate to ask us questions about why a service is needed or how it occurred. Here is some valuable information on issues and corrective services Sloan's Automotive offers.

Wheel Alignment 

One of the maintenance items that your automotive service center should perform periodically is a wheel alignment. When a vehicle is in proper alignment, the tires are parallel with one another and with the road surface. Otherwise, your steering, suspension, and tires--and all their related parts--can be adversely affected. Most critically, the safety of your car can be compromised.

At Sloan's Automotive in Orlando, we want to make sure any misalignment is corrected to prevent more damage that can occur if the problem goes unrepaired. Our experienced ASE certified technicians know that a wheel alignment is a very exacting task and all vehicle models require their own unique alignment specifications. We have all the proper tools, know-how, and experience to perform this service on your vehicle, no matter what make and model you drive.

It is surprisingly easy to “knock” your wheels out of alignment: hitting potholes in the road, a curb, or a concrete parking bumper, can do it. Even normal everyday stresses can cause wear and age parts causing misalignment over time.

The tires on your car may quickly become worn if the wheels are out of alignment. The tires can then affect all other related components. When your tires are rotated and properly inflated and in alignment, the way your car steers, rides, the braking distance, and fuel economy, are all optimized.

If your car pulls one way or the other, or if you have noticed that your tires squeal when you turn corners, then it may be time to call us and have your alignment checked.