General Auto Repair and Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Like any other piece of machinery, a vehicle will age and lose its performance as the years go by. Still, you don't have to deal with frequent breakdowns and engine failures because a car ages. It is critical always to ensure that you consistently follow a general automotive maintenance routine to have your vehicle performing optimally.

You can rely on Sloan's Automotive to provide high-quality, honest, client-centered, and affordable general auto maintenance and repair services. We are a family-owned and managed auto care center in Orlando, FL, and we take pride in helping vehicle owners in the area take care of their beloved cars.

Adhering to a regular auto maintenance routine is important. Apart from extending your vehicle's lifespan, it enhances road safety. Imagine your vehicle breaking down at night on a quiet road or a brake failure while speeding? These are dangerous situations that you can easily prevent by taking your car to a professional vehicle maintenance and repair shop.

Sloan's Automotive has been in business since 1992, successfully satisfying all our clients' auto maintenance needs. Our low employee turnover has allowed us to retain our talented and trained ASE-certified technicians for years. They are experienced and equipped with state-of-the-art tools to handle any maintenance or repair issue, from fluid flushes and brake checks to ac repairs and computer diagnostics.

You can also depend on us to provide quality 30K/60K/90K vehicle maintenance services. Every car manufacturer provides a factory maintenance schedule for every vehicle sold. That means you need to have several components and systems inspected and maintained after intervals of 30K, 60K, and 90K miles. These include timing belts, windshield wipers, fuel filters, engine oil, spark plugs, and tire rotation and balancing.

At Sloan's Automotive, you can partner with us for your factory maintenance schedule to ensure your vehicle's top performance. We have friendly service personnel who can help you plan out your visits. We relish your business because we get the chance to advise you on the best maintenance for your vehicle.

If you require reliable, professional, and affordable automotive maintenance and repair services in Orlando, FL, bring your car to Sloan's Automotive today!