What is warranted and for how long? Parts and Labor are both covered on most replacement parts for 60 months or 50,000 miles from the original purchase, whichever occurs first. This warranty applies to parts installed and services performed on private passenger cars and light trucks only. Sloan’s Automotive reserves the right to refuse warranty services if someone other than Sloan’s Automotive has performed any work on or near the area of the covered part/s.

Exclusions: Tires, lights, filters, brake linings, wiper blades, used parts, special order parts, fluids, select electrical and/or dealer purchased parts, and alignments are not covered by this warranty, and are subject to a lesser warranty. Motor mounts are warranted for 3 years and only covered if physically broken (vibration symptom not covered). A/C compressors are warranted for only 3 years, unless purchased as a complete kit with drier and expansion valve or orifice tube installed at the same time as the compressor. Lesser quality parts chosen by the customer are subject to a lesser warranty. Batteries, engines, and transmissions are warranted separately by the manufacturer. Any fluid leak is not covered unless it has developed noticeable drips to the ground that can be documented by Sloan’s Automotive (minor seepage not covered). Any programming or software services are not covered by this warranty. Damage or failure caused by anything other than the covered part is not covered by this warranty. Noise issues alone do not warrant coverage without performance issues (e.g. noisy A/C compressor that is still creating cold A/C). Replacement of any fluids, refrigerant, clamps, or other incidentals is not covered by this warranty. Cost of additional brake system components and/or labor involved to restore the Brake System to its safe and proper operation is not included with the brake system warranty.

General Provisions (Applicable to all warranties)

Who is covered by the warranties listed in the document?

This warranty covers the original purchaser of the installed part/s and/or services.

Where will the warranty be covered?

At Sloan’s Automotive only.

How can a claim be made under the warranties?

The vehicle and failing condition must be present at Sloan’s Automotive, and the original invoice from Sloan’s Automotive must be presented in order to get the benefits of the warranty.

What will Sloan’s Automotive do for warranty coverage?

Once the failure has been confirmed, Sloan’s Automotive will replace or repair the covered part/s as needed to fix the warranted part/s or services if available. There will be no reimbursements for any repairs done outside of Sloan’s Automotive. If replacement part/s are no longer available, the next best course of action decided by Sloan’s Automotive will be taken. If Sloan’s Automotive decides a better quality part is needed, the price difference will need to be paid in full by the customer upon completion of repairs.

What other conditions apply?

No other warranties are given. Any notation made on the Repair Order override this warranty. Severability - If any provision of the warranty should become invalid or unenforceable because of any laws, the remaining terms and provisions of the warranty shall remain in full force and effect. Remedies - To the extent allowed under local law, the remedies provided in this Limited Warranty Policy are the customer’s sole and exclusive remedies. The obligations undertaken in these warranties are offered only on the above items and conditions, and may not be enlarged or altered by anyone. This warranty document does not apply to products or vehicles used for commercial, racing, off-road, or other abusive purposes. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by abuse, accident, or neglect of any kind. This warranty does not apply to vehicles that have been modified in any way from their factory setup. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, SLOAN’S AUTOMOTIVE DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

CONSUMER RIGHTS: This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Given by: Sloan’s Automotive. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service you receive, please contact one of the owners of Sloan’s Automotive, Inc. 1703 E Michigan St. @407-228-7889